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Our Mission

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide innovative social integration as well as comprehensive vocational services that will enable and empower Individuals with developmental disabilities to become more self-sufficient in their community and provide services that are meaningful, individualized, and promotes new connections that changes lives.

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Our Vision

Pathways Career Services envisions that through positive support that promotes self-sufficiency for all people, regardless of their ability, have the right to live, work and enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Our History

Pathways Career Services has been in existence since 2006. We offer the following services:

Prevocational Services, Job Coaching, Supported Employment, Community Access, Natural

Support Training, Pre-Employment Analysis, Job Development Services and Transportation


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We believe in giving help and support to everyone, to live a fulfilling life.

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  • CEO/Director/DDP - Mrs. Smith

  • DDP Assistant/Assistant Director - Ms. Couch

  • Human Resources - Ms. Gary

  • Medical Support Manager - Ms. Norton 

  • Program Services Lead/Administrative Support - Mrs. Jenkins

We Appreciate Your Support Today!

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