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How To Get Started?


When you initially contact Pathways Career Services you will have a conversation about your Individual based on the information you have provided on your Service Referral. This will help us to make sure he/she is a good candidate for the services we offer. Initially we will ask if your Individual has a Medicaid Waiver. We will set up an appointment for the Individual and Provider to come to the center for a tour. This is a way for all parties to meet. Our DDP will conduct the tour and give you all the information you need to know about the center and our services. Your Support Coordinator, a person provided by the State of Georgis, helps you decide what kind of supports you want and need from Pathways. He/she will know if your Individual is eligible for the services and will let Pathways know your interests. If you decide you would like to be a part of Pathways, we will enroll you in the programs that best fit what you want and need to do, as long as there is enough space, and you have eligible funding. If you are accepted, you will be told when you can start.
Open the link below and fill out the Service Referral.

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