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Program Services/Virtual Classroom

Day habilitation, which includes community-based habilitation and facility-based habilitation, are services specified in the Person-Centered Individualized Support Plan through support learning and partial/full assistance in the areas of self-care, sensory/motor development, socialization, daily living skills, communication, community living, and social skills. Day habilitation activities are intended to build relationships and natural supports. Services are provided in a variety of settings in the community or in a facility owned or operated by a DBHDD approved provider. Settings are non-residential and separate from a participant’s private residence or other residential living arrangement.   


Virtual Classroom


Pathways-New Connections created a virtual world for our center so that we may be able to stay connected with all our Individuals. We strive to help all our Individuals achieve their goals in a virtual learning environment. Our Individuals will be able to log onto google classroom and

learn different subjects.  Whether virtual or in person learning, here are the following classes four our Individuals to enjoy:

Good Morning New Connections

This classroom is set up for all our Individuals to come check in and talk to staff and other peers.  We post our good morning link to have a live morning video chat on google meet Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM and Lunch and Learn at 12:00 PM.


Arts & Crafts

Our Individuals can learn many different types of do-it-yourself arts and crafts.  We post videos of many crafts that can be made and done at home with everyday items.  


Home Economics

Everyone would love to learn how to cook special things for themselves.  We try to help our Individuals be open to many different types of foods.  



Growing different types of vegetables and fruits will help the Individuals learn about the

background of gardening and how to grow.  Through gardening, our Individuals will become

well-versed in an activity that they can do on their own at home.


Social and Life Skills

Life skills are the skill set that enable people to live happy and meaningful lives and reach their potential.  People who have sufficient life skills flourish.




Individuals will be able to still learn basic academic subjects like reading, math, social studies, and science. 



Health and Safety – It is always important to be healthy and stay safe.  Here our Individuals will learn different tips and lessons on doing so.

We are here to help make a difference and give a helping hand.

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